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 Chase Farm Hospital (Roofline Group)   -
Chase Farm Hospital (Roofline Group)   Some of our most important public sector assets are held within the healthcare system so choosing the correct specification is critical. Often these buildings host patients or the latest medical equipment, and this centrally funded NHS project at Chase Farm Hospital was no different.
 Coast Café, Worthing (Meridian Membranes)   -
Coast Café, Worthing (Meridian Membranes)   Traditionally when we consider the term ‘flat roof’, we tend to think of roofs that we can’t often see, usually hidden behind a parapet wall or similar obstruction. However, with DANOPOL Single Ply membranes the traditional flat roof system can become an eye-catch design feature. This particular system consisted of our fleece-backed DANOPOL+ HSF membrane, which was fully bonded to warm roof insulation using our canister (spray-applied) adhesives.
 Montague Park Primary School, Wokingham (Roofline Group)   -
Montague Park Primary School, Wokingham (Roofline Group)   Demonstrating the diversity of single ply membrane roofing, this project is an excellent example of how a single product can fulfil a variety of applications and provide an array of value-engineering options - without compromising the aesthetic appeal.
 The Crows Nest, Lyme Regis (Fosse Specialist Roofing)   -
The Crows Nest, Lyme Regis (Fosse Specialist Roofing)   In partnership with our Premier Contractor, Architects AR Design Studio (www.ardesignstudio.co.uk) and Mew Developments (www.mewdevelopments.co.uk) DANOSA worked closely to develop the design of this ambitious project.
 Channel View, Dungeness (Built By Design)   -
Channel View, Dungeness (Built By Design)   Single Ply membranes are lightweight, flexible, vapour permeable solutions which can be used in a variety of applications. Vertical and complex detailing can be accomplished with the correct specification of products and method of application.
 Sutton Baptist Church, Surrey (K and M Roofing & Building)   -
Sutton Baptist Church, Surrey (K and M Roofing & Building)   At some point our roof systems reach the end of their service life and need to be renewed. Subject to a survey of the existing roof system, it is often possible to overlay the existing waterproofing system, rather than to strip down the structural deck and renew.
  13-15 Netherwood Road, London (Thorley Roofing Services)   -
 13-15 Netherwood Road, London (Thorley Roofing Services)   Our roof system is often forgotten until it causes us problems, typically towards the end of its serviceable life. The client at Netherwood Road in London experienced this first hand as progressively more signs of water ingress were identified comprising of leaks and dampness.
 Reigate Parish Church School (Fleetwood Roofing)   -
Reigate Parish Church School (Fleetwood Roofing)   Living roof systems are becoming increasingly popular and many are taking advantage of pre-established modular (DIY) tray systems which require little maintenance to establish on site.
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