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Special products   
Bituminous Waterproofing
  Under Tile Products
Are products used to waterproof pitched roofs, beneath the covering of shingle, flat or mixed.
This section includes both asphalt sheets and plates as asphalt.
  Vapor Control Layers
Bituminous membranes used as Vapor Contro Layers.
  Primers and emulsions

Emuslions and bituminous paintings that incorporate a SBS modified bitumen in water-based or organic-based solutions.

- (CURIDAN and IMPRIDAN 100) primers are used as adhesives between the mortar support, steel, wood, etc. before welding bituminous sheets.
- MAXDAN and MAXDAN CAUCHO are used for protection of walls, partition walls and foundations, as vapour barrier in deposits and for fixing old waterproofing systems. Can be used as well for preparation of asphaltic mortars.

  Joint fillers

Bituminous products in string form  (JUNTODAN) or in cartridges (DANOFLEX). Used for joint filling or for elastic sealing of cracks, fissures, etc.

Can be used on concrete, plate or ceramic supports.

  Bituminous adhesives

Cold-applied elastomeric adhesive composed of asphalt bitumen mixed with polymers. As solvents evaporates, it forms a layer of black elastomeric bitumen.

Used for fixing mineral wool boards (in spots), as well as vapor barrier (continuous layer).