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Impact noise

Data Sheet Certificates Safety Data Sheet Commercial Sheet
Flexible cross-linked polyethylene membrane.

It is used as an acoustic insulation and protection against humidity under laminated floors.

 Technical Data

Thickness3mmEN 1923
Thickness tolerance< 10%EN 823
Length and width tolerance< 10%EN 822
Reduction of transmitted impact noise, ΔLn22dBEN 140-8
EN 717-2
Dynamic stiffness≤60MN/m3EN 29052-1
Density40 ± 4kg/m3EN 845
Hysteresis load> 2.10NmEN 3386-1
Water absorption under hydrostatic pressure   
Water diffusion factor, μ> 4100-EN-12086
Compression strength to 25%> 30kPaUNE EN ISO 3386-1
Compression set 24 h, 50% comp., 23ºC< 10%EN 1856
Tear resistance> 20 NEN 12310 - 1
Reaction to fireFEuroclaseEN 13501-1
Thermal conductivity0.050W/mKEN 12667

 Información Medioambiental

Environmental InformationDeclared ValueUnitsNorm
Content of recycled raw material5%-
Pre-consumer Recycled Content100%-
Post-consumer Recycled Content0%-
Manufacturing LocationFontanar, Guadalajara (España)--
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)30µg/m3ISO 16000-6:2006.
  1. Staple on 1st plate (wall)
  2. Place the second plate (wall)
  3. Staple on 1st plate (floating ceiling)
  4. Set the 2nd plate (floating ceiling)

 Standards and Certification

Acoustic certifications resulting from approved laboratory tests.

LaboratoryTest (EN 140-3) NoResult (EN 717-1)
DANOSA DAN-1218-IFR0122 dB


- In renewal of floors in dwelligs and hotels with medium traffic.
- Complement of the Floating floors system in dwellings and hatels.
- Moisture barrier and separation for laminated floating finishes.


Total thickness3mm
Product Code620051-

 Instruction for use

An installation of the IMPACTODAN BT is shown in the following pictures:

  1. Extend and seal
  2. Place 1st board
  3. Set as system flooring
  4. Aluminum tape to take away static electricity

 Indications and Important Recommendations

- Differences in height of or above 3 mm in 1 m must be previously leveled with leveling paste.

- The panels must stay at least 48h acclimatizing to the room where they will be installed at a temperature of at least 18 ºC, the relative humidity between 40% and 70%.
- Scotia must have a thickness of at least 15 mm to cover up the expansion gap and it must leave a small separation sealed with a silicone cord.
- Sealing tapes of natural aluminum must be used in order to reduce the static electricity.
- Check the product’s technical sheet on safety.
- For further information, please contact our technical staff.


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