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Impact noise

Data Sheet Certificates Safety Data Sheet Commercial Sheet

IMPACTODAN 5 is a cross-linked polyethylene foam sheet, 5 mm thick. Its closed cell structure provides exceptional physical and mechanical properties.

It is used for acoustic insulation of deck impact noise in buildings. It presents high resistance to fatigue and is easy to install. Its use is guaranteed by the DIT N. 439 from the Spanish building science institute “Eduardo Torroja”.

 Technical Data

Thickness5mm EN 1923
Thickness tolerance< 10%EN 823
Length and width tolerance< 1%EN 822
Reduction of transmitted impact noise, ΔLn20dBEN 140-8
EN 717-2
Impact sound pressure level L´nT,w, on site< 60dBEN 140-7
EN 717-2
Dynamic stiffness90MN/m3EN 29052-1
Density 27 ± 2kg/m3EN 845
Hysteresis load> 1.6NmEN 3386-1
Compression strength to 25%> 23 ± 2kPaUNE EN ISO 3386-1
Compression set 24 h, 50% comp., 23ºC< 32%EN 1856
Tensile strength> 180kPaEN 1798
Reaction to fireFEuroclaseEN 13501-1
Thermal conductivity0,037W/mKEN 12667
Water diffusion factor> 2000-EN 12086
Airborne sound reduction improvement dBUNE-EN-ISO 140-16

 Información Medioambiental

Environmental InformationDeclared ValueUnitsNorm
Content of recycled raw material5%-
Pre-consumer Recycled Content100%-
Post-consumer Recycled Content0%-
Manufacturing LocationFontanar, Guadalajara (España)--
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)30µg/m3ISO 16000-6:2006.
Decree No. 2011-321 of 23 March 2011 the Ministry French Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transportation and Housing

 Standards and Certification

- Document of technical Compliance DIT 439 R/10 “System for the Reduction of Impact Noise, IMPACTODAN”
Acoustic certifications resulting from approved laboratory tests.

LaboratoryTest (EN 140-3) NoResult (EN 717-1)
LABEIN (1)B 130 124 V821 dB
LABEIN (2)B 130 104 V520 dB


- Acoustic insulation against airborne and impact noise of supports between different users in residential buildings or facilities in urban areas, like houses, hotels, hospitals, etc.
- Insulation addition of floating floors against low-middle and high frequencies on all kind of commercial premises such as restaurants, supermarkets, areas with music, etc.
- Renewal of floors in residential buildings.


Total thickness5mm
Product Code 620015-
  1. Forjado
  2. Impactodan
  3. Resitente cargada de argamasa
  4. Received mortar screed

 Instruction for use

An installation of the IMPACTODAN 5 is shown in the following pictures:

  1. Extend
  2. Seal overlap
  3. Vertical overlap
  4. Protect installations
  5. Check
  6. Pour the mortar

 Indications and Important Recommendations

- Before pouring down the mortar, check that the surface is at the same level on all the area, that the junction with the walls is equally covered by IMPACTODAN 5, that pillars are wrapped with it and all elements passing through the support or emerging from it.
- The use of IMPACTODAN 10 is recommended if the support compression layers is irregular.
- The floating mortar must be sufficiently resistant in order not to crack.
- As floating floors have anti-dampness materials, the curing time of the mortar is longer. It is recommended to step on the mortar 15-20 days after having poured it down.
- The doors elements must not perforate the floating mortar.
- With self levelling mortars the IMPACTODAN 5 sheet must stay against the floor perfectly overspread without wrinkles.
- Check the product’s technical sheet on safety.
- For further information, please contact our technical staff.


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