Danofelt PY 150   
Polyester geotextiles

Danofelt PY 150 is a non-woven bonded by needle punching geotextile of 150 (+10%;-20%) g/m², composed of polyester short fibre. It has the CE trademark.

It is used for waterproofing protection of roofs, underground constructions and for land separation and filtration.

 Physical Properties

Average mass150 (+10%;-20%)g/m²UNE EN ISO 9864
Thickness under 2kPa pressure1.90, ±0.20mmUNE EN 964
Longitudinal tensile strength1.2, -0.3KN/mUNE EN ISO 10319
Tranversal tensile strength1.2, -0.3KN/mUNE EN ISO 10319
Longitudinal elongation at break90, ±30%UNE EN ISO 10319
Transversal elongation at break80, ±30%UNE EN ISO 10319
Puncture resistance (CBR)0.3, -0.1KNUNE EN ISO 12236
Dynamic perforation test40, +5mmUNE EN 918
Water permeability0.04468, -0.005m/sUNE EN ISO 11058
Waterflow capacity in their plane2.7 Exp-7, -0.2 Exp-7m²/sUNE EN ISO 12958
Opening size100, ±20µmUNE EN ISO 12956
Protection efficiency9.0 Exp3, -0.3 Exp3KN/m²UNE-EN 13719

 Addtitional Technical Data

Thickness under 20 kPa pressure1,0, ±0,20mmUNE EN 964
Thickness under 200 kPa pressure0,5, ±0,20mmUNE EN 964


Roll surface75.4m2
Product Code 710096-


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